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Augusta AC Installation & Replacement 

Installing Quality AC in the Central Savannah River Area 

Although some air conditioners, like window units, can be installed by a homeowner, others require professional installation. When it comes time to install a new central AC in a home or business, the job is best left to the highly trained technicians at Vagovic Heating & Air Conditioning. We have over 60 years of experience delivering reliable AC installation and replacement in Augusta. 

Just some of the benefits of having our team install a new AC include: 

  • Increased comfort 
  • Enhanced durability 
  • Fewer breakdowns 
  • Lower utility bills 
  • Improved indoor air quality 

When repairs just won’t cut it anymore, call (706) 607-6558 to get a new AC installed in your home or business! We’ll have you back to being cool in no time. 

Choosing the Best AC for Your Property 

The size of a home or business is one of the biggest factors to consider when selecting a new AC system. The larger the space, the larger the AC system will need to be. The importance of choosing a unit that’s properly sized cannot be overstated. If the AC is either too big or too small, it can cause several problems, not the least of which is higher energy bills. Oversized or undersized units may also need to be replaced prematurely due to unnecessary strain caused by constant operation or short cycling. 

Additional factors to consider when choosing an AC include: 

  • Cost 
  • Quality 
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Durability 
  • Comfort 
  • Noise levels 
  • Special features 
  • Maintenance requirements 

Knowing When It’s Time to Replace an AC

Like all other mechanical systems, AC units have limited lifespans. Because no AC will last forever, every homeowner will likely need to install at least a couple of air conditioners within their lifetime. Fortunately, not every AC breakdown means that it has come to the end of its useful life. Most issues can be repaired. However, when a struggling AC is over 10 years old, careful consideration should be given to whether it should be repaired or replaced. No one wants to pour hundreds of dollars into a damaged AC, only to have to replace it in a few months anyway. 

Common warning signs that an AC should be replaced soon include: 

  • The AC is over 10 years old
  • The unit requires frequent repairs 
  • There are uneven temperatures throughout the home
  • Cooling costs have suddenly spiked 
  • The AC can’t sufficiently cool the home
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How to Protect Your Investment in a New AC

Getting the most out of a new AC system begins with proper installation. When a unit is installed improperly, it can result in inefficient operation, frequent breakdowns, and shortened equipment lifespan. To avoid these and other issues, one should always rely on certified professionals for expert installation. Routine maintenance is another critical factor to ensure an AC performs at optimal levels for as long as possible. 

Call Vagovic Heating & Air Conditioning at (706) 607-6558 or contact us online for dependable AC installation and replacement in Augusta.

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